Friday, August 23, 2013

BTS Tumpang Raya

Just got home from MASUM tournament, and currently having a bad fever. This post is a bit outdated, but still what harm can it do.

It was 2 weeks before raya I received a text from my media kreatif lecturer, the text was

 " Di mana lokasi awak sekarang ? "

Yes, I know, it is a weird question. Lokasi? What's up with that?

So the texting goes on and on, until we have a team to participate in a short film competition.

To be precise the name of the competition is Festival Filem dan Video Pelajar Malaysia 2013, and it is organized by FINAS. I can say that it is a quite prestigious competition.

For this competition, there are a few categories to choose from, Commercial, Short Film, Experimental Short Film, Documentary, and many more.

We participate in the Commercial category, it was a raya commercial.

The theme for the competition is quite tough though, Evolusi Lensa Merentas Globalisasi.

The team

Aiman  : Director
Jasmi    : Editor
Fairus   : Production Manager 

Not to forget our sifu, En shah, who helped us along the way.

The whole process took us one week. 4 days of shooting and 3 days of editing. 
Though in the end the commercial was only 4 minutes ++ , we had lots of fun while doing it.

The link to the competition website -
The link to the raya commercial (short version) -
The link to the raya commercial (extended version) -

The festival is on the 15th-16th November 2013 at Stadium Tertutup Nilai. 

Pray for us !

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