Sunday, July 28, 2013


These days there are just tonnes and tonnes of games available. Play Station, Nintendo Wii, X-box, PSP and lots more.

During my days, I played Play Station 1, abah did bought PS 2 but sadly it was stolen before I had the chance to even try it once.

A few years later, my sis bought Nintendo Wii for my lil bros, so they did enjoyed it for a while. Now, they are bored to death.

Even for me, the options for games from the Nintendo Wii company did not provide the interesting range of games.

Thus, my two lil bro, Muqry and Azim are now collecting their money to buy a PSP. As for me, I asked them to buy the X-box because we can play multi-player.

So the conversation begins

Muqry : Abah boleh la beli PSP, muqry guna duit sendiri. Gabung duit azim dgn muqry

Me : Kenapa beli PSP, belilah X-box lagi best, game dia pun banyak

Muqry : X-box mahal la ! Kiteorg takde duit.

Abah : Kenapa nak beli lagi? Kita kan dah ada

Me : Ada apa? PSP ? X-box

Abah : Ala kat dapur tu, Ice box


Abah : La, ingat ke sama je ( being sarcastic)


Yesterday went through some old pictures and found some of our kindergarten graduation's day pictures.
My siblings and I went to the same kindergarten and have been taught by the same teachers.

Because I'm the oldest so my picture has to be bigger.
And btw what's with the way that I hold the scroll, my other siblings are holding it naturally.

Maybe one of these days me and my siblings should pay a visit to the kindergarten and see Ms Lim.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Saving mother nature

During my tamhidi (foundation) years, every Thursday I would declare it's 'Save The Earth Day'. I would wear all green, from head to toe. And this trend is sometimes followed by my friends too. So what do we do on a Thursday where yours truly declare it as a 'Save The Earth Day'? Hmm, basically anything is possible.

From taking the bus instead of driving till reducing amount of plastic bag usage.

I know it's not a big of an effort, but still, small steps bring big changes.

As most of you probably knew, I have always helped or may I say being busybody at some of the food stalls that my college have. From selling burgers to selling banana fritters, I have done it all.

Usually I took part as the cashier, the pakciks,makciks,abangs and kakaks has always asked me to be the cashier because as they quoted " Pai, kira laju so senang sikit ". All my years of learning  arithmetical mathematics were put into good use.

So as the cashier, I also have to pack all the food that they ordered, so from that I can reduce the usage of plastic bag. I mean if you buy just one burger, do you really need that plastic bag? Once you get to your room or somewhere, that plastic bag is a nuisance already.

So one day,

"Bang, saya rasa tak perlu la kasi budak2 ni plastik, bazir je"

"Ish, mana boleh, dieorang mesti nak punya"

"Kita kene save mother nature bang,suruh dieorang bawak Tupperware sendiri ah,baru rare"

"Oh tak payah pakai tupperware, kita pakai yang lagi bagus"

"Oh apa tu bang?"

"Kita balut burger ni pakai daun pisang, lagi rare"

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Auto Cruise

Auto Cruise - Cruise control (sometimes known as speed control or autocruise, or tempomat in some countries) is a system that automatically controls the speed of a motor vehicle. The system takes over the throttle of the car to maintain a steady speed as set by the driver.

One morning,

"Abah, laju gila you jog hari ni, I nak kejar pun tak menyempat"

"Oh when I jog, I put on the auto cruise control"

*speechless and almost died*

Of planks, a barber, a hairstylist and a psychiatric

Remember when you were just a little kid, and having the honor of sitting on a plank each time you want to get a hair cut just because you were too short to sit on the normal chair.

Best time ever.

Sometimes I felt like a king/queen sitting on my throne.

"My loyal subjects, bow down to me"

Sorry for the so random intro for today's post. 

There was an article about should we call a person who cuts our hair, a hairstylist or a barber? In that article they also touch about the current fee they charge for each hair cut.

Since I was a young girl until now I will go to the same hair saloon to get my hair cut. This aunty is very talkative. I mean, she is very fast with the scissors and the talking too. A good listener if I may add.

I think being a barber/hairstylist if far more than getting your hair done. There's this soft-skill each of them have, and that is the art of communication.

They will always have the topic to discuss on, whether is it about the weather or your family. They can talk on and on.

Gossips, don't you dare start gossiping, with the wide range of customers they have, they can start a talk show on gossiping only. Oh my.

Sometimes, rather than you get a hair cut done that day, you might solve your problems too. Because these barbers/hairstylist is really a good talker, they can even solve your problems.

So I can say that these people are also a psychiatric, listening to people's problems, solving the problems, releasing all the tension. So it's a perfect combination.

Why go to an expensive meeting with a professional psychiatric when you can just go to a hair saloon and get things solved.

These days, I just have so random thoughts, even a barber can make me think this far -.-

This is my song !

*songs from the 60’s are playing in the background*

“Abah, how can you know if that song is your song? I mean, at what range of age you can describe the song is your genre of song?”

“Depends on what age you started to hear the song but usually when you are teenagers”

“So most of your songs that you hear today, is most from your teenage years?”


“So all these songs are from your teenage years? Wow, didn’t think of that. So this type of song must be the hit song from your time”

“Well depends, if you’re a city boy, mostly your genre would be from the western singers, (insert old singers name here), for me I’m a kampung boy, so my range of songs are from local singers such as (insert old local singers here)”

"But you kids nowadays hear English songs only"

So a few days earlier, I had this conversation with my dad during our routine jog.

And it made me thinking on what type is my song? My first time listening to real music is when I was in primary school maybe. That time Backstreet Boys, Nsync, Blue and other boy bands were pretty popular. 

But if to mention the first ever music I've ever heard is from my kindergarten, I mean, who doesn't know twinkle little star or ba ba black sheep? Well, actually those are nursery rhymes, but still it has a melody, so kind of a song too I suppose?

Then, there's all these nasyeed songs you memorize during your sekolah agama. Just to enter this nasyeed competition. From rabbani to raihan. 

Now nasyeed has a whole new concept, from Maher Zain to Zain Bikha. You can say that nasyeed songs nowadays can keep up with the mainstream songs too.

I really like to sing, though my voice is not that mesmerizing. But I do love to sing. Whether it is the national anthem during the assembly or even singing in the car.

During my school years, the only time I love during an assembly is when we can sing. Though the school song is not cool as an Eminem song, but still I will sing as loud as possible.

I don't know why some people are not in too singing the school song out loud? Is it because you are ashamed? Or maybe the song is not as funky as The Arctic Monkeys? Who knows?

So in the future, I might have the same conversation with my children. They would think that my genre of song is sooooo outdated.

"Umi, what are you listening to?"

*You Only Live Once -The Strokes playing on the radio*

"Oh just a song from my time"

"I prefer North West songs, the songs are so in these days"

"My god, kids these days"

(Could it be possible the child of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian would be a singer in the future? I hope not)