Friday, July 19, 2013

Saving mother nature

During my tamhidi (foundation) years, every Thursday I would declare it's 'Save The Earth Day'. I would wear all green, from head to toe. And this trend is sometimes followed by my friends too. So what do we do on a Thursday where yours truly declare it as a 'Save The Earth Day'? Hmm, basically anything is possible.

From taking the bus instead of driving till reducing amount of plastic bag usage.

I know it's not a big of an effort, but still, small steps bring big changes.

As most of you probably knew, I have always helped or may I say being busybody at some of the food stalls that my college have. From selling burgers to selling banana fritters, I have done it all.

Usually I took part as the cashier, the pakciks,makciks,abangs and kakaks has always asked me to be the cashier because as they quoted " Pai, kira laju so senang sikit ". All my years of learning  arithmetical mathematics were put into good use.

So as the cashier, I also have to pack all the food that they ordered, so from that I can reduce the usage of plastic bag. I mean if you buy just one burger, do you really need that plastic bag? Once you get to your room or somewhere, that plastic bag is a nuisance already.

So one day,

"Bang, saya rasa tak perlu la kasi budak2 ni plastik, bazir je"

"Ish, mana boleh, dieorang mesti nak punya"

"Kita kene save mother nature bang,suruh dieorang bawak Tupperware sendiri ah,baru rare"

"Oh tak payah pakai tupperware, kita pakai yang lagi bagus"

"Oh apa tu bang?"

"Kita balut burger ni pakai daun pisang, lagi rare"

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