Thursday, July 18, 2013

Of planks, a barber, a hairstylist and a psychiatric

Remember when you were just a little kid, and having the honor of sitting on a plank each time you want to get a hair cut just because you were too short to sit on the normal chair.

Best time ever.

Sometimes I felt like a king/queen sitting on my throne.

"My loyal subjects, bow down to me"

Sorry for the so random intro for today's post. 

There was an article about should we call a person who cuts our hair, a hairstylist or a barber? In that article they also touch about the current fee they charge for each hair cut.

Since I was a young girl until now I will go to the same hair saloon to get my hair cut. This aunty is very talkative. I mean, she is very fast with the scissors and the talking too. A good listener if I may add.

I think being a barber/hairstylist if far more than getting your hair done. There's this soft-skill each of them have, and that is the art of communication.

They will always have the topic to discuss on, whether is it about the weather or your family. They can talk on and on.

Gossips, don't you dare start gossiping, with the wide range of customers they have, they can start a talk show on gossiping only. Oh my.

Sometimes, rather than you get a hair cut done that day, you might solve your problems too. Because these barbers/hairstylist is really a good talker, they can even solve your problems.

So I can say that these people are also a psychiatric, listening to people's problems, solving the problems, releasing all the tension. So it's a perfect combination.

Why go to an expensive meeting with a professional psychiatric when you can just go to a hair saloon and get things solved.

These days, I just have so random thoughts, even a barber can make me think this far -.-

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