Thursday, July 18, 2013

This is my song !

*songs from the 60’s are playing in the background*

“Abah, how can you know if that song is your song? I mean, at what range of age you can describe the song is your genre of song?”

“Depends on what age you started to hear the song but usually when you are teenagers”

“So most of your songs that you hear today, is most from your teenage years?”


“So all these songs are from your teenage years? Wow, didn’t think of that. So this type of song must be the hit song from your time”

“Well depends, if you’re a city boy, mostly your genre would be from the western singers, (insert old singers name here), for me I’m a kampung boy, so my range of songs are from local singers such as (insert old local singers here)”

"But you kids nowadays hear English songs only"

So a few days earlier, I had this conversation with my dad during our routine jog.

And it made me thinking on what type is my song? My first time listening to real music is when I was in primary school maybe. That time Backstreet Boys, Nsync, Blue and other boy bands were pretty popular. 

But if to mention the first ever music I've ever heard is from my kindergarten, I mean, who doesn't know twinkle little star or ba ba black sheep? Well, actually those are nursery rhymes, but still it has a melody, so kind of a song too I suppose?

Then, there's all these nasyeed songs you memorize during your sekolah agama. Just to enter this nasyeed competition. From rabbani to raihan. 

Now nasyeed has a whole new concept, from Maher Zain to Zain Bikha. You can say that nasyeed songs nowadays can keep up with the mainstream songs too.

I really like to sing, though my voice is not that mesmerizing. But I do love to sing. Whether it is the national anthem during the assembly or even singing in the car.

During my school years, the only time I love during an assembly is when we can sing. Though the school song is not cool as an Eminem song, but still I will sing as loud as possible.

I don't know why some people are not in too singing the school song out loud? Is it because you are ashamed? Or maybe the song is not as funky as The Arctic Monkeys? Who knows?

So in the future, I might have the same conversation with my children. They would think that my genre of song is sooooo outdated.

"Umi, what are you listening to?"

*You Only Live Once -The Strokes playing on the radio*

"Oh just a song from my time"

"I prefer North West songs, the songs are so in these days"

"My god, kids these days"

(Could it be possible the child of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian would be a singer in the future? I hope not)

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