Friday, June 21, 2013

The Making Of Nasi Lemak

Last semester, I had enrolled in a video-making club for my extra curricular activities. Since high school I am very passionate about film-making, cinematography. Well of course it started with my interest in photography, but now it develops to making videos. I just admire the late Yasmin Ahmad's works. I mean, her short films, movies and commercials able to touch many hearts. Also, how humble she is no matter how successful she is.

Back to the post, so during my curricular classes, I was a bit lazy to pay attention to what sir was explaining about video making. My favorite spot was at the very back of the computer lab. Yeah, well it's not entirely my fault, as students, we had the whole day listening to long lectures, so to expect us to focus during curricular lectures, sorry we just can't especially when the class is late in the evening.

For our final project sir has asked all of us to prepare a storyline for a short video, it can be anything, PSA, short story, documentary, or even a music video. At that time our final exam is just around the corner, so I did my storyline as simple as it could be. Nothing drama like, or conflict like movie. Just about unity.

Each of us must present the plot or synopsis of our short video, so I explained in the most simple way.

Sir : Ok Fairus, video awak pasal apa. Tajuknya Nasi Lemak betul tidak?

Fairus : Ye sir. Video ni pasal 2 member, time kecik Haikal duk overseas. Kawan dengan Andy, bila dah besar depa pisah. So Andy ni datang Malaysia nak jumpa Haikal. Setting video ni kat kedai mamak. Time ni la Andy tanya orang kat Malaysia ni mcm mana? Haikal pun terang kan melalui nasi lemak yg depa order.

The thing is we were in groups, so for each group only one storyline would be picked. And I was so hoping it wouldn't be mine, if so, I have to be the director, finish up the script, actor scouting some more. So it's a fuss. But in the end, mine was chosen because it was not so cliche as the others.

The Script

Oh wow, the script, because in my video concept there would be a mat salleh in it, so my script must be in English. So I was the only one who made a video in English. The script was not that hard though, but it was a bit tricky to resemble each of the nasi lemak ingredients with the characters that Malaysia has. It took me about 2 days for the script to be upon perfection. Well, once you finish it and show to your sir, minor alteration must be done.

The Storyboard

Thank God my concept was pretty easy, so the setting is not that hard to find. As the director/editor I can already picture the video in my head, but the thing is my group and sir can't see the same as I visual the video  would be. So I begin storyboarding my video, storyboarding is when you do a roughly sketch for your each scene and takes. And this is the time I discover my talent on drawing is pretty bad, in other words, my 7 year old brother draws better than me, But still it does picture the way on how I would like to shoot my scene and takes for the video.


Because at first I was not planning to do this video. So I didn't think it throughly for the future shooting. First problem, where in the world can I find a matsalleh actor in my local uni. But thanks to my friend mira, I found my Andy. Long story short, she has some connections, so I was able to get a matsalleh kid to be the actor. For the other actors I asked my friends to help me out. And promise them to treat them for a meal. And of course my lovely family, I couldn't make this video without them. They also star in this video. Though my dad keep making new dialog for his part. Haha.

The Crew

Remember I mention about the group for presenting our storyline? Yup same group for doing the shooting too. I divided the team into each aspects. For instace Props Manager. Not to forget, Maisarah, she is not from my group, but I asked for her help in shooting the video, because she has the skill on taking good videos. All the important aspects from lighting,angle of shooting,sound system, mostly I discussed with Maisarah.


We did the shoot according the scenes, one day at this place, and the other day, different place. But all together it took us 5 days to complete the task. It was very tiring, with the rehearsals, directing, shouting here and there. But it was worth it. To be honest, not all what I planned out, became a reality but it turns out even better. Sometimes acting spontaneously brings so much more that what I have planned before.


During the editing, we also need to do some voice over for a couple of scenes. But thanks to my teammates they helped that part because at that particular time I had to sit for my midsem test. For the editing, I used Sony vegas pro12, it was my first time using it though, so it was pretty risky to edit using a software that I was not familiar with. But in the end, I made it. The feeling of clicking on the render button can't be describe even with words. At first I wanted to make the subtitles but we had not much time.

The Competition

During the screening, there were 6 videos were shown. The top 3 videos from each class was shown that night. Though it was not as prestigious as The Emmy's Award, but for the first time I saw, my idea was made into a video, and I have this a hall full of people watching at my masterpiece, well not so masterpiece. And never had it occurred in my mind to win the competition. Thanks to those who helped me in making this a reality.

What's Next?

Nasi Lemak also won first place in the video competition held by the Integrity Society. This was a month ago. I'm also waiting for any open video competition in August, for our Independence Day. Because the theme of my video is about unity, so just perfect for our Independence Day.

Also, recently, my friends and I made an arabic short film for our Arabic language final project., 3 Siti. Sadly, we didn't win. Next time, pay attention to the rules and regulation, if it says 10 minutes length so it must be ONLY 10 minutes, and not 10 minutes and 34 seconds. Ours was 34 seconds longer so couldn't even participate for the competition. Talk about bad luck. Nevertheless, it was a fun experience all together.

Future Plans

A friend of mine has asked me to collaborate with him for a special short film project. We had this idea months ago, but since then we haven't yet met up and discuss it officially. Maybe, during the semester breaks we will meet up and discuss the necessaries to our small project.

Tools and Equipments

As for now, my equipments are not so fancy. I only have 2 DSLRs, 1000D and 550D. One camera stand and a laptop. So my plan is, for this semester break I will build my own equipments. Maybe a slider, steady cam and hmm, we'll see.

Well maybe that's enough for today's post

Here's the link to the Nasi Lemak video

Here are some pictures of behinds the scenes for Nasi Lemak

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stereotypical maybe?

Fading Flower - Yuna #np

As usual, every morning for this study week, at 7 am sharp I will have my usual jog at my Uni's sports center. After that, 20 minutes shooting some hoops. But, recently, I finish early as my friends and I have scheduled a timetable for our study group at 9 am, so by 7.45 am, I headed back to my college.

Today, same old routine, jog and shoot some hoops. After 45 minutes of sweat, I headed towards my car. At that time, there were some Bangladeshis preparing some equipments to clean up the sports area. Being a bit paranoid, I quickly walk by them, assuming something bad will happen if I don't walk fast enough.

By the time I reached my car, suddenly it hit me, why am I being so paranoid of some random strangers? Who am I to judge them within the first 10 seconds I set my eyes on them? What's with the stereotypical mind setting pai? 

That's the problem, we judge people too fast. Well, maybe not all of us, but still quite a number right?

Sounds a bit cliche for today's post, but it kept me thinking, of how people would judge me in the first 10 seconds they see me. Would they see this annoying and loud girl who has no sense of fashion at all? Or maybe would they see this happy go lucky but not so good looking girl who has a lot to talk about? Or just maybe, people don't give a damn.

Also, I wonder, these past years, how many stereotypical thoughts I have made. Or say, or even wrote?
But still what's with these stereotypical thinking? I mean, why assume these negative assumptions, when you can just take it from a positive perspective.

Yeah, yeah, but some of them might be true, but still not all people are like that right? Just because it had occurred to you once, so you assume of all the people who has a bit of similarity to that person you encounter is the same. Yup, again, I'm just typing without thinking the grammar and concept of what I'm saying. I'm just pouring it out here. 

Some of our stereotypical mind sets, as all boys are the same, or girls are just to emotional, or Malays are always lazy. Tudung labuh must be an angel as possible they can be, kopiah guys, must not use foul words, studying overseas is better than local, as long as you're taking medicine and engineering, your future will be bright, very bright. And many more.

Yes, some of them are racist, sexist, and some are just plain dumb.

But I have to admit, sometimes these kind of mind set is being brought up naturally, I mean, can it be controlled? 

Maybe that's when your thought or opinion takes part. I mean, everyone has their way of thinking and judging right? 

Well there are some issues I can't understand very well. 

For instance, hmm, how to put this, okay how about a dialog?

Jemah : " Weh Senah, kau tau, si Munah yang sekolah agama dulu tu, sekarang pakai tudung belit-belit dah,     kemain lagi."

Senah : "Ish, ish, tak patut, tak patut, kalau sekolah agama, kene pakai tudung labuh".

Next dialog,

Bobo : "Shae, kau tau ketua pelajar kita yg perfect tu, ponteng kelas kottt, aku nampak dia tido kat surau"

Shae : " Woi, ketua pelajar kottt, mana bole buat salah"

Different situation

Melati : "Weh, Ros, kau kenal Leman budak kuliah kita tu, tadi aku nampak dia pakai kopiah"

Ros : "Lah, Leman yang mat rempit tu? Wah, kemain dah insaf la tu"

Next dialog

Out of idea -..-

What actually I want to say is sometimes there are some people expect nice people will always be nice and never do wrong, but once they did, well, that's another story. Your whole image crashed into pieces, people will only remember that one time you did wrong. And not the many times you did good things.

On the contrary, if you're bad or naughty and once you do a good deed, people will be amazed and touched, and go all awwww towards you. Yup, in a sec, you are the angel.

Maybe that's the reason there are so many mean and bad people? Just got fed up by the concept of being nice? Golden rule, nice people only do nice things.

But we sometimes slipped a thing a two, so there will be mistakes, rules broken, sins did. Can we escape from them? Ultimate answer, no. But we can try to avoid. The effort of avoiding does count.

So tomorrow, if I bumped into the Bangladeshis again, I will give them a smile and no more judging stereotypically. And yeah, keeping my pace at a normal speed.

Cause you can't tear me down
Beat me to the ground
Try to block my sunshine
My blue skies with your clouds
And who do you think you are
Yeah that won't get you far (that won't get you far)
You may think you're pretty 
But you'll see that beauty 
Is a fading flower

-Fading Flower by Yuna

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dreams, do they really come true?

Here Comes The Sun - Yuna

Current mood : Inspiring
Current venue : Tutorial room FST building USIM (alone)

Here I am, 2 days before final exam for my 1st year of Degree in Food Biotechnology. Just finish watching some of Matluthfi's video. Was searching some songs to download, so I choose from the songs that Matluthfi uses. His taste in music is pretty awesome.

Also, watched a glimpse of his graduation day video. Oh my, very inspiring to see the robe his wearing, imagine 3 years from now, graduating. Wow. Speechless. That's the thing, what would I do after my graduation?

You know, though maybe most of us have planned out the future we want, but still will it become a reality one day? Typically, when we get a degree or a diploma, we want to get a job with good money, or maybe continue doing our Masters right? Or maybe, get married? Who knows.

The world has much to offer. And yet, do we have the courage to go and get it? I mean, I'm pretty sure most of us has the ultimate dream. Travel the world for instance, or maybe go on a quest, stop world hunger or something. There must be one dream that seems so far and yet you really want it to come true.

For me well there lots and lots of wishes or I may say my bucket list to do. My god, where do I start? Travel,publish a book,direct a short film that go viral,skydiving,becoming a coach for a basketball team maybe?

That's the thing, I always want to do such great things, reality I'm not that great.

Days before, I had a chat with my good friend, which he said that I friend-zoned him. Haha. Anyhow, that day I had a bit of a mental breakdown, just stupid hormones getting on my nerves so I burst out into tears in the middle of the night, well not so night, 3 am in the morning.

So my good friend started to talk about his current life, what had happened to him in these recent years. I mean, after school ended, we barely knew what happened to our friends right? I was shocked and at the same time happy to see how he react to his current situation. To make things short, he has this problem, and he manage to get over it pretty well. I mean, I really admire his courage to do such a thing, or at least react to what had happened.

As he quoted, in school we were so surrounded by this positive things and thinking the outside world in not so bad. I mean what the worst can happened right?

Ha ha ha ha ha

Spoke to soon maybe?

Well hello reality. Hello real-world. You know when you're in twenties there is this identity crisis will come up. You don't know what kind of person you want to be?

Being nice, the world might just eat you up
Being a douche, yeah right, who likes these kind of people?
And the list go on and on, religious,nerd,hardworking,hippy?

When did the world become so cruel and life is just full of bullshit right? Mind my usage of words, but it the precise word to use.

Well, Allah didn't promise that life would be easy right? But he did promise He will always be there for you, as long as you remember Him. It's that easy. But the question is, are we always remembering him? Becoming a local student, studying in an IPTA, I can say I'm living in a very comfort zone, where my surroundings are, hmm how to put this, safe? I mean studying in an islamic university, of course there's no issue on differences opinion in religion. Food where is all halal,cheap and easy access. Temperature,summer all year long. What more can I ask for?

Imagining the fact that some of my friends studying overseas, being all independent, all alone, no parents. Yeah, they say total freedom, but that freedom can lead us to many negative sides too.

Yeah, whatever, I still don't know where I'm going with this post.

But, for this 20 years of life that Allah gave me, I can never ask for much more than this.

His works, just amazed me each time, SubhanAllah. He knows what's right and perfect for me. All the obstacles, events, people I met, ups and downs, just fits me well.

Yeah for you too, perhaps. Maybe, not now, but one day, one fine day, it will hit you, and you feel oh my god this is it. Yes, this is the moment where my life fits perfectly.

Until then, just bear it, wait and be patient, my friend :)

This post is special dedicated to the friend I talked about. I wish you all the best :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Review Zombijaya keluaran BUKU FIXI

Sinopsis – bukan dari buku

Nipis, Sofia, Kamarul, Alif dan Ana satu geng. Malam menyambut tahun baru mereka ke Sunway untuk meraikannya. Namun apa yang mereka tidak sedar, salah seorang daripada mereka telah terkena virus zombie. Maka merebaklah wabak ini ke kawasan Lembah Klang dan seterusnya ke seluruh negara. Nipis percaya bahawa di Putrajaya terdapat satu safe house di mana kerajaan telah bekerjasama dengan pihak US sekiranya Singapore mengebom Malaysia. Apabila Malaysia menjadi Zombijaya, nilai kemanusiaan sudah tidak diendahkan, hidup atau mati, itu sahaja yang penting.


Disebabkan ini first time aku baca buku keluaran buku FIXI aku tak tau nak expect apa. In the end aku puas hatilah. Lagipun ini first time juga aku baca buku indie. Buku indie ni dia lain sikit. Tiada tapisan perkataan langsung. Segala-galanya open. Baru realiti. Disebabkan setting buku ini di Malaysia so aku dapat relate kan dengan setiap bab. Serious baca Zombijaya buat aku tak belajar satu hari walaupun minggu study week.


Aku suka watak-watak yang digunakan dalam Zombijaya. Watak utama yang paling aku suka Nipis. Dia mat rempit kerja hantar pizza. Perangai dia memang pelik. Cara dia berfikir lagi pelik. Watak sampingan seperti Azman, polis yang biasa ambil rasuah. Taylor yang atheist berfikir untuk beragama setelah mengalami nereka dunia ini. Alif yang curang pada pasangannya. Watak-watak yang membawa mesej mendalam.


Aku suka jalan cerita dia. Bahasa yang mudah difahami. Duhh, guna bahasa melayu mestilah faham. Tak, maksud aku penggunaan perkataan yang simple dan tak meleret. Straight to the point. Sampaikan bila dah habis baca, aku rasa nak ada sequel kepada buku itu, boleh kupas rahsia Putrajaya menyimpan rahsia Penghempasan UFO.

Aku tak reti sangat nak komen pasal buku, sebab aku pun tak pernah keluarkan buku. Tapi memang dalam wish list aku, aku nak keluarkan satu buku BI, satu buku BM. Tapi bukan novel. Tengoklah nanti, kalau korang ada pergi MPH, Kinokuniya ke, nampak penulis buku, Fairus Abdul Manaf, beli la satu. Support member.

Dalam list 13 for 2013 aku, salah satunya, 3 English novel read, aku baru settle dua, 1) Anneyy,Teh Tarik Kaww Wunne, A Malaysian Smorgasbord  2)Busy Women Seeks Wife dan kini aku sedang baca 3) The Further Adventures of an Idiot Abroad

Aku kalau pergi kedai buku, aku suka pergi bahagian buku English yang ditulis oleh penulis tempatan. Sebab aku suka cerita pasal perpaduan negara, unity. Pastu aku akan merayau ke bahagian Travel. Saje tengok negara-negara yang mungkin aku pergi. Pastu aku pergi bahagian buku Indie, baca synopsis gelak sorang-sorang.

Aku juga akan pergi bahagian science fiction. Best. Then baru merayau bahagian lain. Mana tau terserempak dengan member, boleh ajak minum.

Minggu depan aku final exam, doakan.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Random Thanks

Love is Easy – Mcfly    #nowplaying

Thank you to the strangers that share their sejadah whenever I’m praying

Thank you to the strangers that have put in extra change in the SUKIDA machine ( tmpat nak isi air yg kene letak 10sen utk 500ml )

Thank you to abang kedai photostat that always give me discount

Thank you makcik and pakcik burger for giving me free burgers

Thank you roommates for waking me up for Subuh prayers

Thank you makcik cleaners for cleaning our college

Thank you brothers for your azan for each prayer

Thank you strangers who picked up my basketball or netball whenever they bounced away

Thank you strangers for holding the door for me

Thank you classmates for the copies of lecture notes

Thank you friends for letting me peek on your paper during quizzes (ooopss)

Thank you lecture mates for letting me copy your lab report

Thank you random driver for giving me the way on the road

Thank you Twitter users for awesome tweets

Thank you pakcik guard for keeping us safe

Thank you garbage men for collecting all the rubbish

Thank you strangers for your random smile

Thank you stranger for giving me your seat in the ktm

Thank you policemen for doing your job

Thank you youtubers for awesome short films and vlogs

Thank you abah for accompanying me to the kedai mamak

Thank you umi for going shopping with me

Thank you pakcik cendol for your awesome cendol

Thank you haters, you make me stronger

Mula-mula Redza Minhat retweet tweet aku, aku dah rasa awesome, skali dia baca blog aku kot pasal review KIL the movie. Siap tweet link lagi tu. Wahaha. Jadi artis lah kejap

Hasil retweet link oleh redza minhat, blog aku dapat view byk hari ni, malam ini sahaja 300+
Gambar bawah ni aku amik 30minit selepas redza tweet. Kau tgk jurang perbezaan, yesterday pageviews 0 tapi today, fuh kemaiin. Haha

Thank you Redza Minhat for reading my blog !!