Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dreams, do they really come true?

Here Comes The Sun - Yuna

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Here I am, 2 days before final exam for my 1st year of Degree in Food Biotechnology. Just finish watching some of Matluthfi's video. Was searching some songs to download, so I choose from the songs that Matluthfi uses. His taste in music is pretty awesome.

Also, watched a glimpse of his graduation day video. Oh my, very inspiring to see the robe his wearing, imagine 3 years from now, graduating. Wow. Speechless. That's the thing, what would I do after my graduation?

You know, though maybe most of us have planned out the future we want, but still will it become a reality one day? Typically, when we get a degree or a diploma, we want to get a job with good money, or maybe continue doing our Masters right? Or maybe, get married? Who knows.

The world has much to offer. And yet, do we have the courage to go and get it? I mean, I'm pretty sure most of us has the ultimate dream. Travel the world for instance, or maybe go on a quest, stop world hunger or something. There must be one dream that seems so far and yet you really want it to come true.

For me well there lots and lots of wishes or I may say my bucket list to do. My god, where do I start? Travel,publish a book,direct a short film that go viral,skydiving,becoming a coach for a basketball team maybe?

That's the thing, I always want to do such great things, reality I'm not that great.

Days before, I had a chat with my good friend, which he said that I friend-zoned him. Haha. Anyhow, that day I had a bit of a mental breakdown, just stupid hormones getting on my nerves so I burst out into tears in the middle of the night, well not so night, 3 am in the morning.

So my good friend started to talk about his current life, what had happened to him in these recent years. I mean, after school ended, we barely knew what happened to our friends right? I was shocked and at the same time happy to see how he react to his current situation. To make things short, he has this problem, and he manage to get over it pretty well. I mean, I really admire his courage to do such a thing, or at least react to what had happened.

As he quoted, in school we were so surrounded by this positive things and thinking the outside world in not so bad. I mean what the worst can happened right?

Ha ha ha ha ha

Spoke to soon maybe?

Well hello reality. Hello real-world. You know when you're in twenties there is this identity crisis will come up. You don't know what kind of person you want to be?

Being nice, the world might just eat you up
Being a douche, yeah right, who likes these kind of people?
And the list go on and on, religious,nerd,hardworking,hippy?

When did the world become so cruel and life is just full of bullshit right? Mind my usage of words, but it the precise word to use.

Well, Allah didn't promise that life would be easy right? But he did promise He will always be there for you, as long as you remember Him. It's that easy. But the question is, are we always remembering him? Becoming a local student, studying in an IPTA, I can say I'm living in a very comfort zone, where my surroundings are, hmm how to put this, safe? I mean studying in an islamic university, of course there's no issue on differences opinion in religion. Food where is all halal,cheap and easy access. Temperature,summer all year long. What more can I ask for?

Imagining the fact that some of my friends studying overseas, being all independent, all alone, no parents. Yeah, they say total freedom, but that freedom can lead us to many negative sides too.

Yeah, whatever, I still don't know where I'm going with this post.

But, for this 20 years of life that Allah gave me, I can never ask for much more than this.

His works, just amazed me each time, SubhanAllah. He knows what's right and perfect for me. All the obstacles, events, people I met, ups and downs, just fits me well.

Yeah for you too, perhaps. Maybe, not now, but one day, one fine day, it will hit you, and you feel oh my god this is it. Yes, this is the moment where my life fits perfectly.

Until then, just bear it, wait and be patient, my friend :)

This post is special dedicated to the friend I talked about. I wish you all the best :)

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