Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stereotypical maybe?

Fading Flower - Yuna #np

As usual, every morning for this study week, at 7 am sharp I will have my usual jog at my Uni's sports center. After that, 20 minutes shooting some hoops. But, recently, I finish early as my friends and I have scheduled a timetable for our study group at 9 am, so by 7.45 am, I headed back to my college.

Today, same old routine, jog and shoot some hoops. After 45 minutes of sweat, I headed towards my car. At that time, there were some Bangladeshis preparing some equipments to clean up the sports area. Being a bit paranoid, I quickly walk by them, assuming something bad will happen if I don't walk fast enough.

By the time I reached my car, suddenly it hit me, why am I being so paranoid of some random strangers? Who am I to judge them within the first 10 seconds I set my eyes on them? What's with the stereotypical mind setting pai? 

That's the problem, we judge people too fast. Well, maybe not all of us, but still quite a number right?

Sounds a bit cliche for today's post, but it kept me thinking, of how people would judge me in the first 10 seconds they see me. Would they see this annoying and loud girl who has no sense of fashion at all? Or maybe would they see this happy go lucky but not so good looking girl who has a lot to talk about? Or just maybe, people don't give a damn.

Also, I wonder, these past years, how many stereotypical thoughts I have made. Or say, or even wrote?
But still what's with these stereotypical thinking? I mean, why assume these negative assumptions, when you can just take it from a positive perspective.

Yeah, yeah, but some of them might be true, but still not all people are like that right? Just because it had occurred to you once, so you assume of all the people who has a bit of similarity to that person you encounter is the same. Yup, again, I'm just typing without thinking the grammar and concept of what I'm saying. I'm just pouring it out here. 

Some of our stereotypical mind sets, as all boys are the same, or girls are just to emotional, or Malays are always lazy. Tudung labuh must be an angel as possible they can be, kopiah guys, must not use foul words, studying overseas is better than local, as long as you're taking medicine and engineering, your future will be bright, very bright. And many more.

Yes, some of them are racist, sexist, and some are just plain dumb.

But I have to admit, sometimes these kind of mind set is being brought up naturally, I mean, can it be controlled? 

Maybe that's when your thought or opinion takes part. I mean, everyone has their way of thinking and judging right? 

Well there are some issues I can't understand very well. 

For instance, hmm, how to put this, okay how about a dialog?

Jemah : " Weh Senah, kau tau, si Munah yang sekolah agama dulu tu, sekarang pakai tudung belit-belit dah,     kemain lagi."

Senah : "Ish, ish, tak patut, tak patut, kalau sekolah agama, kene pakai tudung labuh".

Next dialog,

Bobo : "Shae, kau tau ketua pelajar kita yg perfect tu, ponteng kelas kottt, aku nampak dia tido kat surau"

Shae : " Woi, ketua pelajar kottt, mana bole buat salah"

Different situation

Melati : "Weh, Ros, kau kenal Leman budak kuliah kita tu, tadi aku nampak dia pakai kopiah"

Ros : "Lah, Leman yang mat rempit tu? Wah, kemain dah insaf la tu"

Next dialog

Out of idea -..-

What actually I want to say is sometimes there are some people expect nice people will always be nice and never do wrong, but once they did, well, that's another story. Your whole image crashed into pieces, people will only remember that one time you did wrong. And not the many times you did good things.

On the contrary, if you're bad or naughty and once you do a good deed, people will be amazed and touched, and go all awwww towards you. Yup, in a sec, you are the angel.

Maybe that's the reason there are so many mean and bad people? Just got fed up by the concept of being nice? Golden rule, nice people only do nice things.

But we sometimes slipped a thing a two, so there will be mistakes, rules broken, sins did. Can we escape from them? Ultimate answer, no. But we can try to avoid. The effort of avoiding does count.

So tomorrow, if I bumped into the Bangladeshis again, I will give them a smile and no more judging stereotypically. And yeah, keeping my pace at a normal speed.

Cause you can't tear me down
Beat me to the ground
Try to block my sunshine
My blue skies with your clouds
And who do you think you are
Yeah that won't get you far (that won't get you far)
You may think you're pretty 
But you'll see that beauty 
Is a fading flower

-Fading Flower by Yuna

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