Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Random Thanks

Love is Easy – Mcfly    #nowplaying

Thank you to the strangers that share their sejadah whenever I’m praying

Thank you to the strangers that have put in extra change in the SUKIDA machine ( tmpat nak isi air yg kene letak 10sen utk 500ml )

Thank you to abang kedai photostat that always give me discount

Thank you makcik and pakcik burger for giving me free burgers

Thank you roommates for waking me up for Subuh prayers

Thank you makcik cleaners for cleaning our college

Thank you brothers for your azan for each prayer

Thank you strangers who picked up my basketball or netball whenever they bounced away

Thank you strangers for holding the door for me

Thank you classmates for the copies of lecture notes

Thank you friends for letting me peek on your paper during quizzes (ooopss)

Thank you lecture mates for letting me copy your lab report

Thank you random driver for giving me the way on the road

Thank you Twitter users for awesome tweets

Thank you pakcik guard for keeping us safe

Thank you garbage men for collecting all the rubbish

Thank you strangers for your random smile

Thank you stranger for giving me your seat in the ktm

Thank you policemen for doing your job

Thank you youtubers for awesome short films and vlogs

Thank you abah for accompanying me to the kedai mamak

Thank you umi for going shopping with me

Thank you pakcik cendol for your awesome cendol

Thank you haters, you make me stronger

Mula-mula Redza Minhat retweet tweet aku, aku dah rasa awesome, skali dia baca blog aku kot pasal review KIL the movie. Siap tweet link lagi tu. Wahaha. Jadi artis lah kejap

Hasil retweet link oleh redza minhat, blog aku dapat view byk hari ni, malam ini sahaja 300+
Gambar bawah ni aku amik 30minit selepas redza tweet. Kau tgk jurang perbezaan, yesterday pageviews 0 tapi today, fuh kemaiin. Haha

Thank you Redza Minhat for reading my blog !!

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