Monday, September 2, 2013

Tanda Putera

So so soooo many controversial comments and reviews on this one particular film don't you think?

As you can see from the poster, this movie was postponed not once but twice. Showing there are some hot issues going on over here.

In conjunction of celebrating our Independence Day, my dad brought the whole family to watch this movie. Regardless all the negative comments and reviews on this movie, I believe to watch first and then judge it for myself.

Firstly this review is from my own perspective and my own opinion. Again, I don't take sides, especially in political side of view.

I do admit, I am one of those groups which believe " Why watch malay movies in cinema? No quality, better watch western movies, with great and beyond visual effects" . But after involving a bit in videography and cinematography, I now do understand how much work and effort one can give into producing just one short film, so a movie, much much more work have to be done.

Nevertheless, it depends on the plot of the movie too, if it's another ghost story or some mat rempit movie, I'd passed. After watching my 2nd Malay movie in a cinema which is KIL, ( 1st one was in 2011 Ombak Rindu, this was due to my hangout with my school friends, it was between Ombak Rindu or being alone outside of the cinema, of course I choose being with my friends )  It opened my eyes on Malaysians' products. Not just in movies, also in short films.

The thing is, there are so many good movies and short films out there but not in the mainstream market. So as an audience I can assume that, only in the cinemas are the products of Malaysians filmmakers have. Not more than that. On the contrary, there are lots more beyond the mainstream media. The problem might encounter due to lack of audience market, racist issue and maybe the movie was just too deep and with that thought being afraid the Malaysians would not even understand the whole movie. (I think that happened with KIL, from my point of view).

Shuhaimi Baba or Shumi ( her manja name ) strongly advised to the people for to watch the movie first and  then judge. And her main objective was to make a  fictional biographical film about the 2nd prime minister of Malaysia Tun Abdul Razak (father of current Prime Minister Najib )  and his then deputy Tun Dr Ismail set around the time after the 1969 racial riots. In her defense, the film is mainly about the friendship between Tun Razak and Tun Dr Ismail, while the May 13 incident is merely a backdrop to the film.The research process for the movie took almost 1 year. From universities, interviews, libraries, the whole crew made a great effort in making this movie. But to be honest, to cramp a very historic event in a 2 hour movie is very very hard.

For me, the main actors, Rusdi Ramli as Abdul Razak bin Hussein and Zizan Nin as Ismail bin Abdul Rahman had made a good effort in portraying our legend heroes. Even before the shooting starts, all the main actors have to go for history classes for 2 weeks and 1 month of training and practice. But a bit disappointing with the extras and cameo for the riots, some of them are not showing full of hatred with each other. Just maybe, they are amateurs in the first place. 

From the cinematography and CGI effects point of view, I have to say it is kind of obvious to see CGI effects almost everywhere, but than again, it is good to see we are improving in this kind of visual effects rather than popping out ghost here and then. Don't compare with the high quality CGI's from the western movies but still it's a start. Kudos to KRU too, because they were among the early companies brave enough or maybe rich enough to use CGI in a movie and nailed it. Even this Tanda Putera movie shoots in KRU's studios. Again, kudos.

I do admit, I cried along watching the movie, because it was really inspiring to watch how 2 men sacrificed a lot in saving this nation. Also, how hard it is to unite the people, how hard it is to protect the country from crumbling after the May 13 incident. The OST for this movie really played a big role in making this movie a success.

I'm from the 90's generation and after watching a movie about two leaders that I've never felt their existence before this, it really changed my thoughts towards our leaders. Don't get me wrong, before this I just know that Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak was the Bapa Pembangunan and some facts about his background but now Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak has my most respect of all. And Dr. Ismail, seriously before this I hardly knew him, but now to know how he sacrificed a lot in defending our country, hats off to you sir. Am glad to have such great warriors in our country. 

I am not saying Tanda Putera is the best movie I watched, but to have a movie that builds up my patriotic values once in a while is good enough for me. Even watching the BTS of this movie gave me chills.

About The New Village movie issue, I can't wait to see it for myself though it may be banned. I want to see it for myself and judge if it is a double standard to allow Tanda Putera to be shown and not The New Village.
I mean the Malaysians are not that shallow to believe that the communists are the hero to all of this.

For me,sometimes there are no right nor wrong in history, but only different point of views. That's why we in Malaysia write the Independence history differently from the colonialist. Of course to them, the famous Mat Kilau is not a warrior but only a nuisance. 

For the record, I'm glad to be a part of the Negaraku program, where before watching a movie in a cinema, we have to sing Negaraku. I sang very loud and clear in my defense, because I do admit, I am a bit of a patriotic type of girl. 

Selamat Hari Raya Merdeka to all ! 

I love Malaysia even more after my trip to Vietnam.

Last year's merdeka photoshoot at home. 

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