Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sarong Day

No Pants Subway Ride was originally organized by the New Yorkers. Imagine going half naked on a public transport. Well assuming they have different culture and beliefs, most of the participants said it  was fun and exciting. Starting in 2002, there were only 7 riders that took up the challenge, but now in 2013 over 4000 New Yorkers, celebrate No Pants Subway Ride.

Now, Malaysia is starting to do the same concept but in a different way. Instead of being half naked, we Malaysians prefer to wear sarong to public transport. This idea was organized by a group call Random Alphabets. This Keretapi Sarong started last year, but coming to the 2 year this year, they promoted this fun idea in newspaper, radios, facebook and twitter. No only that, other countries are participating too. London, Melbourne, Washington DC, Boston and Philadelphia.

Yesterday I went out to buy some books around KL, I was lucky to see the extraordinary and exciting event. Malays, Chinese, Indians and even foreigners are wearing sarong in their creative way. Some wear as sampin, some wear with kebaya, some also wear it with a spiderman costume ! They will stop at certain station and gather to take pictures. All and all it was a good purpose by organizing this fun event, not only promoting our culture to the modern world, but also bringing back our old heritage. 

Come to think of it, from my observation, Malaysia is getting better each day. From the government to the citizen themselves. I would be lying if Malaysia is a problem-free country. We have issues, problems but even USA, UK, China has problems.

We always think other countries are much better than our home, Malaysia. Maybe Malaysia is lack in certain areas, but than again, we also have our strength. From my experience travelling to some countries such as UK and China, there is no place I'd rather be than Malaysia. 

I hope next year I have the chance on participating in this Keretapi Sarong. We should really join this type of events where it enhances our patriotism towards Malaysia. 

Here are some pictures I took using my not-smartphone, sorry for the low quality pictures.

I've registered for im4u, you should too XD

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